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Internet bomb horror!

Well well well, so another bunch of teenagers made pipe bombs and blew themselves up. And of course they got their instructions… all together now… Off the Internet! Even now I can see the tabloid editors foaming at the mouth for headlines. "Kids download bombs"… "Deadly Internet"… "Web bomb"! Oh goodness, what a surprise. The  ... [More]


for sale dot com

I’m just having a look at the domain names for sale on the Yahoo auctions site. There seem to be a lot of domains that the owners think are worth a lot of money (judging from the minimum bids required) but that nobody else does (judging from the complete lack of any bids posted). Some  ... [More]

Net Politics and activism

Censored for your protection

Well, there you go, the government’s done it. They have descended into complete stupidity. No, not the GST, I mean the way that somehow, some way, the Australian government has passed a bill through the Senate that suddenly magically makes the Internet for your grandmother to surf, without fear of wobbling fleshy images being thrust  ... [More]

Geek Net


Last Monday I got a warning about the Melissa virus. To my surprise, it turned out to actually be genuine. The number of times I’ve had the Good Times virus warning and its clones arrive in my e-mail – not to mention legends of stolen kidneys, bloody Craig Shergold and the cards – is alarmingly  ... [More]

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