Home life

Growing up

I don’t normally post cutesy kiddie stuff, but I’ll make an exception this time. My eldest son Isaac, nearly 9, has reached a coming-of-age, of sorts. A big step on the way to adulthood. Last night, independently, with no help or pushing, he looked at, read, comprehended, “got” and laughed at, his first Far Side  ... [More]


The Easter Spirit

Easter Monday. A life saver watches the surf, just down the beach from Station Pier and the Spirit of Tasmania. PS. Footy tipping. 7 out of 8. Can’t complain about that.


Who’s nostalgic?

Back in my childhood years, there was only one band I really loved: The Beatles. Somehow I found them fascinating through the 70s and 80s, to the point where my mother got sick of hearing my almost-worn-out Sgt Pepper cassette. Then in my late teens, a friend brought over a music video to try and  ... [More]



The Age’s freebie Tropfest DVD arrived during the week, and we watched it on Friday night. 16 short films, the finalists. All good, some excellent, one (“For Every Year”) heartwrenching, most funny, some (“The Money”, “Sold Out”, “Confessions of an Animation”) hilarious.



Ah, Easter. The time when — as one relative once clumsily described it — we celebrate the death of Christ. The sun is shining down between the buildings. I leave a batch run going on the computer at work, and walk up a block to my mother’s favourite book shop, to buy a gift voucher.  ... [More]

Melbourne TV

Sometimes people aren’t so bad

Part I. Many years ago I had a Ren And Stimpy CD. It’s the kind of CD you buy because for a couple of weeks in 1993 you were kinda amused by the TV series. So you coughed up $25 and listen to it maybe once all the way through, and maybe another track or  ... [More]

Friends and loved ones

6 months

We’ve been going out for six months now. Naturally I don’t want to jinx it, but it seems to get better and better. And yes, everything I said in December still applies.

Doctor Who Photos

Making the Grade

Michael Grade has been appointed chairman of the BBC. Doctor Who fans must be wondering if Grade — the only enemy of the Doctor that managed to kill him completely by getting the series cancelled — will be up to his old tricks. Perhaps he’ll squeeze the production budget so tightly that they can’t even  ... [More]