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Aga and VCRs

Where did these bloody Aga stove things come from? I assume they’re a peculiarly British brand of wanky gourmet stove, because I’ve never seen or heard of them in Australia. Yet they’ve shown up in the last two novels I’ve read, plus had the piss taken out of them in Posh Nosh. I’m afraid I’m  ... [More]


Cover, book, judging

On the tram back from lunch. In the corner seat was a bloke in a shirt and tie, carrying a folder. After a stop or two gazing out the window, he reached into his pocket and got out a 10x ticket and validated it, just as a gaggle of inspectors got on. (For out-of-towners, this  ... [More]

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The weekend

Bloody, Movie, Buffy, Drivey, Greenie, Footy.

Home life


There was a cat on my roof the other night. First bats, now cats. What next… gnats? rats? meerkats? wombats?


The accountant and the student

They got on at Malvern, and stood together on the train. One dressed like an accountant, one dressed like a student, neither saying much, just watching the world go by. Until Richmond, where the student whispered to the accountant about something on his back, and brushed it off. The accountant whispered thanks back, and they  ... [More]



You can do everything in the Post Office nowadays. I suppose that’s why they’re calling them Post Shops instead. They sell cards, telephones (mobile and fixed line), music CDs (what’s the point of those year CDs, eg 1970 including hits from 1970? I was born in 1970, but why does that mean I would identify  ... [More]



My delayed Valentine’s Day present arrived last night, in the form of tickets to the Paul Kelly concert at the newly re-named Hamer Hall (aka the Concert Hall at the Victorian Arts Centre). A more mixed crowd than your average standing-up gig. A worrying number of oldies. I suppose what you lose on the enthusiasm  ... [More]

Working life

Toner disaster

A couple of the blokes in the office today dared to try what I wouldn’t yesterday: to re-load the photocopier toner. I knew if I tried it I’d end up struggling with it for half an hour before scattering that lovely black toner all over the carpet. So I went and did my photocopying on  ... [More]