Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from August 2010

It’s the end of the month again, so time to post more ten year old photos.

I evidently went for a walk across the Latrobe Street bridge north of Southern Cross station, snapping these photos of V/Line stabling and facilities.

V/Line stabling at Southern Cross station, August 2010
V/Line stabling at Southern Cross station, August 2010
V/Line facilities at Southern Cross station, August 2010

As noted last month, Metro was using platform staff with despatch paddles on some CBD platforms. This notice was at Flagstaff – platform 3, which has the heaviest PM peak loads at trains leave the City heading for the Sunbury, Craigieburn and Upfield lines.

Despatch paddle in use at Flagstaff station, August 2010

Looking back, I can’t help feeling that there was way too much visual clutter on the Myki vending machines back then. Things did improve over time.

Myki machine, August 2010

Remember the bad old days at Clayton, when Clayton Road used to clog up, delaying your bus because so many trains were rolling through the level crossing?

Buses in traffic near Clayton station, August 2010

Here’s the old railway station at Clayton. Since then the crossing has been removed and the station replaced by skyrail.

Clayton station, August 2010

Is this photo transport-related? Yes, in a way. I was at the footy as a guest of Metro, doing a bit of networking with their people – and the other guests, many of whom were journalists. Collingwood beat Essendon.

At the footy, August 2010

After the game, joining the queues of people entering Richmond station. Since then they’ve opened up the Swan Street entrance on the other side, and now encourage people for some lines to use the bridge across the tracks to get there. A longer walk, but less waiting.

Crowd leaving MCG into Richmond station, August 2010

Welcome to Melbourne. The Skybus queue and ticket booth at the Airport – snapped while I was there picking up my Uncle, who had flown in for my Dad’s funeral.

Skybus ticket booth at Melbourne Airport, August 2010

Bustitution at Footscray station during rail works.

Footscray station bustitution, August 2010

The view from the Footscray station overpass towards the City. The overpass had opened in April 2010, but would be partially rebuilt for the Regional Rail Link project.

View of City from Footscray, August 2010

Me at 40. (Yes, it was my 50th birthday last week. What a strange time to celebrate a landmark birthday.)

Daniel at 40

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Yep, fun times back then. If only we knew what it was going to be like, 10 years later. I may have moved to Adelaide??? Yes I know, ‘nothing happens in Adelaide’, but, compared to Melbourne today.

We can not dispute that many good things have happened during that time. Including, the Regional Rail Link, and some of the level crossing removals too. So much VR history is all gone too.

How long has Myki been in now?

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