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Sights of Old Melbourne Town – as seen in music videos

Dragon: Are You Old Enough (1978) — around Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, including the now-gone behaviour of riding the running board on a tram, and a Silvertop taxi back when they really did have a silver top.

John Paul Young: Yesterday’s Hero (1975) — around Swanston Street

Paul Kelly: Leaps and Bounds — mostly the Nylex sign, of course

Everyone knows this one… AC/DC: It’s A Long Way To The Top (1975) — Swanston Street again

More recent… The Living End: All Town Torn Down (1998) — various spots, including Citylink and Parliament station

What others are out there?

Update lunchtime

Suggested by Scott: Skyhooks — This is my City (1976) (sorry, can’t embed)

And of course I should have thought of this obvious one: The Whitlams — Melbourne (1997):

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In the Dragon one, “see the lady in the street car lights…” at about 42 seconds – didn’t know Kristen Stewart had been reincarnated!

Some good ones there Daniel, I also found this one of AC/DC’s Longway to the Top. It has some similar scenes from the other one, but this has better views of Melbourne as the truck they were playing on travels down Swanston St.

What’s JPY doing getting out of (what I think is) a Commonwealth of Australia “Z” Car? From 41sec into Yesterday’s Hero?

All I can think of is an old Bachelor Girl video that was shot entirely at the Glen shopping centre in Glen Waverley!

JVG (from RRR) has hosted two separate events named “Stopping All Stations (Except Each Richmond)” including the songs Spotswood by the Orbweavers

The also released an album “LOOM” with songs about the northern suburbs including one for their dog Fern.

The song list from this year’s event:
Song List:
Poem – Ian Bland
Watsonia – Ben Birchall
Merri – The Orbweavers duo
Lancefield – Gary Adams
Thomastown – David Bridie
Glen Waverly – Mic Conway
Grey Skies over Collingwood – Mick Thomas
Upfield Line – Lucie Thorne
Spotswood – The Orbweavers duo
Waverly – Marcel Borrack cover of Wagons song
Mont Albert Blues – JVG Guitar Method
Poem – Ian Bland (about trying to get to Oakleigh)
Punt Rd Traffic – JVG Guitar Method
Over side of the river – JVG Guitar Method
Punt Rd Breakdown – JVG Guitar Method
Epping train to Northcote – Mick Thomas
25 Stations – David Bridie
Footscray – Gary Adams
Alamein Train – Gary Adams
Regent to Ruthven – Marcel Borrack
Luna Park’s Smile is Frowning on St Kilda – Wes and Horse
Toorak Cowboy – Skyhooks
Balwyn Calling -Skyhooks
Lygon St – Skyhooks
Suburban Boy – Dave Warner
North Mentone – All

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