Yesterday on the way to work I saw two people, both of whom were carrying nothing more than a banana.


Is this the done thing nowadays? In this time of expensive bananas, it is some kind of status symbol or something?

By Daniel Bowen

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There seem to be two types of bananas-buyers:
* those who walk around showing them off (like in your photo)
* those who sneek them home and eat them in private, as if it’s an extravagent guilty pleasure.
My wife falls into the latter category. I haven’t eaten one in 6 months.

I fall into a different category… I know the weekly fruit delivery man’s schedule here in the office and I ensure I am at reception at that time so I can grab one of the two bananas that are in the box!

I am a shameless pillager haha


Oddly enough, I was sitting in a hotel lobby in Utah last week, and saw an older gentleman wheeling a suitcase-porter’s cart into the elevator. The cart was empty, except for a single banana.

I buy half a dozen every third or fourth week because the kids miss them so much. I budget for a blowout in the grocery bill that week ;-)

We then treat them like real truffles are treated in expensive restaurants – savouring every bite, not one bit wasted etc.

My eldest kid said wisftfully the other day, “Remember when we used to make banana muffins? From bananas that had gone soft? Those were the days…”

For months seen only a few bananas in the supermarket. Today there were thousands, a whole row of shelves. Price was still $11.99 a kilo.

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