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Dream the other day: Dreamt we were thinking about converting the (small) spare room into a bedroom, and someone pointed out the house has a whole upstairs section that for some reason none of us had never noticed. We went up and found three more bedrooms (one tiny, with very narrow bunk beds) and a bathroom as well.

Something seemed funny about the stairs going up there, and when I looked, I realised they were very steep, but made of Lego, so they could be adjusted.

By Daniel Bowen

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your dream is obvious evidence of an unhappy childhood. It shows that you felt inadequate with girls while a teenager. It suggests you are in danger of harming those closest to you.
Boy! You are sicko!

I hadn’t recalled any dreams for a long time and then, motivated by listening to a talk on the psychology of dreaming, decided to try a trick. Before going to sleep I told myself to try and remember any dreams that I would have that night. Effect, in the morning I could recall three dreams. Weird ones, too. No LEGO, though.

since Freud, psychologists have asked patients about their dreams and come up with some amazing diagnoses based on these dreams.
Many US sitcoms in the 1960s-1970s (eg Get Smart) parodied connections people make between dreams and their everyday life.
Sorry if my sense of humour was too subtle!

The “my house has rooms I never knew existed” dream is a classic, and I have had a version of it many times. A shrink friend once told me that, according to Jung, unknown rooms in a house indicate hidden or unexplored areas of the ego which are beginning to manifest (have worked their way up to the subsconscious but not yet conscious mind).

Apparently, the specific intepretation depends on which rooms you dream of finding and where they are placed. Bedrooms – especially bedrooms at the top of houses – are (take this with a BIG grain of salt, it’s third-hand) *supposed* to be about a surfacing desire to expand your family or friendship circle in some way that allows you to express different parts of your character. (This dream is quite common among the pregnant and trying to be pregnant set, and also those considering changing living arrangements).

Rog, ah yes, I remember some Get Smart references, certainly.

Kathy: ooh! That’s interesting. Of course, considering changing living arrangements could, I assume, relate to the fact that we really are considering changing the small spare room into a bedroom!

lol! And I thought I was weird for dreaming that my housemate (who had been in Perth for work for a couple of weeks and was soon due home) arrived home clad head-to-toe in Jetstar clothing. Clearly, I missed him. Not sure what Lego stairs mean for you though! :D

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